Anagha Narayanan is an Indian typeface designer currently based in France. She graduated from EsadType, Amiens in 2023 and previously worked with Black Foundry, Universal Thirst and Sharp Type. Anagha is the recipient of the SOTA Catalyst Award 2020 and has been listed on Women of Typographic Excellence by Malee Scholarship. Her typeface Ilai released with Universal Thirst was honored with the prestigious Best of Discipline - Type Design award as a part of the TDC69 Certificate of Excellence, and was shortlisted for the D&AD Awards. Her work is driven by the profound connection between type design, culture, and history.

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Typelabs @ Typographics, 2020
Typography Society of India, 2021
Typecon Portland, 2023
Kingston School of Art London, 2024


︎ Creation of designs for Latin, Devanagari and Tamil scripts
︎ Designing Indic script companions for existing Latin type families
︎ Expansion and Production of existing type families
︎ Branding and Logotypes

Garnish Type Family2023
Ilai Variable Font2022
Aditi Candles2021
All Kind Studio2021
Assorted LetteringMIXED